Radio InterviewLive in India 2011, Guwahati

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“Hans Utter, a master sitar player, gave his usual great performance.” The Examiner, 5/27/2012

“Hans is an amazing being. His knowledge and talent are boundless.Hans is a world-class guitar player, and  has immersed himself in the disciplines, languages and traditions of Persian and Indian classical music.” Rick Borgia, Spanda

“Hans Utter is a name to reckon with in Indian classical music… brings to light the various aspects of Indian classical music … one of the most talented names in the industry” The Telegraph, Calcutta, India. May 16 2007.

“Hans is a wonderful musician. His music speaks from the heart-I wish him all the best on his musical journey” Ustad Ballu Khan

Hans with Ustad Akram Khan

, New Delhi 12/15/2011

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Dissertation Review

The Examiner 5/27/2012

The Examiner 10/1/2011


Interview Columbus Dispatch

Columbus monthly feature 2/11

The Hindu 9/2008

  • Last Smoker In AmericaReview in the Dispatch The four-man offstage band, led by music director Andrew Resnick on keyboard with Hans Utter on guitar, Bill Zehnal on bass and Carlos Giles on drums, brings out the best of Melnick’s rock-oriented but eclectic music without drowning out the lyrics.

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