Hans Utter

Musician, Producer, Author.

“Sitar Man” – Columbus Monthly Magazine.

A masterful and versatile musician at the core, Dr Hans Utter’s achievements go much beyond that. He is an ethnomusicologist, a music producer, a composer, an author, and a professor. Apart from being one of the most seasoned sitarists in present times, he is also an accomplished guitarist and oud player, transcending genres from Western and Indian Classical Music to jazz to the captivating modal music of Central Asia and the Middle East.

Education & Employment

Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from Ohio State University(2011) and Diploma in Sitar from Benaras Hindu University (1995) and has worked as a research advisor, visiting professor, etc.

Books & Publications

He has authored a book and other numerous peer reviewed articles and book chapters and has had presentations in multiple conferences across the globe.

Music Composer & Producer

He is the owner and producer of Rigpa Records,USA and has composed several tracks from Melodic Intersect’s Global Vision album, as well as raga-based pieces for orchestra

Tributes of Respect

The Examiner

“Hans Utter, a master sitar player, gave his usual great performance.”

Ustad Ballu Khan

“Hans is a wonderful musician. His music speaks from the heart-I wish him all the best on his musical journey.”

The Telegraph, Calcutta, India.

“Hans Utter is a name to reckon with in Indian classical music… brings to light the various aspects of Indian classical music … one of the most talented names in the industry.”

Rick Borgia, Spanda

“Hans is an amazing being. His knowledge and talent are boundless.Hans is a world-class guitar player, and has immersed himself in the disciplines, languages and traditions of Persian and Indian classical music.”

Upcoming live Performances

Hans’ mesmerizing live performances have enthralled audiences across the globe, predominantly in the realm of classical music gatherings, where he astounds his audiences with his proficiency on both the sitar and guitar.

Retro Columbus Ohio

Friday May 10th, 2024

Sitar Performance

Cincinnati Pavilion

May 18th to May 19th, 2024

New Jersey Sitar

May 25th to May 27th, 2024