Crafted in 1993 by master instrument maker Nitai Chandra Nath, this surbahar boasts the finest aged tun wood, delivering a truly unique sound. Endorsed by renowned musicians like Pandit Rajman Singh, it stands as a testament to Nitai Chandra’s exceptional craftsmanship. Perfect condition, extremely rare, and highly valued. From Nitai Chandra Nath’s esteemed workshop in Varanasi, frequented by top artists including Ustad Imrat Khan and Pt. Pushpraj Koshti.


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Crafted for sitarist Pandit Rajman Singh in 1993


Nitai Chandra Nath, renowned master instrument maker


Extremely rare and valuable instrument

The high quality of Nitai Chandra instruments for Dhrupad is endorsed by many of this musicians. Not being an exception, his surbahars are made with the most aged, seasoned tun wood, and the final result of those pieces is only comparable to their unique sound.
This instrument was crafted for the great sitarist Pandit Rajman Singh in 1993, and was made by Nitai Chandra Nath, a true master instrument maker. It is in perfect condition, and is an extremely rare and valuable instrument. The renowned maker Nitai Chandra Nath’s workshop is located in Varanasi's heart.
Musicians from all over India come to their workshop to order their instruments, including artists such as Ustad Imrat Khan, Pt. Budhaditiya Mukherjee, Ustad Bahauddin Dagar and Pt. Pushpraj Koshti.